Monday, August 31, 2015

Mad Max “Director's Chair with George Miller” Screen Print by Tim Doyle x Joshua Budich x El Ray

Mad Max Fury Road “Director's Chair with George Miller” Screen Print by Tim Doyle x Joshua Budich x El Ray

The El Ray network, whose offices are literally on the same street as the Nakatomi Print Labs, has commissioned artists Tim Doyle and Joshua Budich to produce a print for the George Miller episode of their acclaimed Director's Chair television series! The Blot is a huge sucker for collab prints, and this is the very first time Doyle and Budich (two of my favorite artists) have worked together on a design.

Doyle explained on his newsletter how this awesome collaboration came about: “El Rey/Troublemaker Studios all around graphics/art guy, Kurt Volk, came to me a few months back about producing a series of prints for their upcoming Director's Chair series. I personally was super-slammed with work, so I called on Josh Budich to handle the first couple of releases in the series. But when I saw that George Miller was next in line, I made sure I got my mitts on this one, and I was super-happy when Budich agreed to collaborate with me on the print! I drew the car and its passengers, and Josh KILLED that portrait of the man himself! This whole project was art directed by Robert Rodriguez, which is a weird honor to be getting notes from RR!”

“Director's Chair with George Miller” by Tim Doyle and Joshua Budich is an 18”x24” signed and numbered 4 color El Ray screen print. Limited to 350 pieces, a very limited number of prints are currently available for purchase at the Nakatomi online store for just $30.
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