Monday, August 31, 2015

Nosferatu Screen Print by Timothy Pittides

Nosferatu Dawn Edition Screen Print by Timothy Pittides

Artist Timothy Pittides and Bottleneck Gallery are teaming up to release a killer new movie poster screen print for the iconic vampire film, Nosferatu! When talking about this exciting new movie poster, Pittides explained, “When I decided to tackle Nosferatu, I wanted to make sure that it was something different. There is so many great prints and posters done for the film that hit their mark. From Ken Taylor's beautiful art deco styled collage, Brandon Schaefer's artistically crafted creepiness to Christopher Cox's likeness driven design, artists have been paying a great tribute to arguably the greatest horror film ever made. I first started with making the vampire was represented, not just in likeness but in tone, taking the design on cover of the vampire book Hutter finds in his room at the inn.”

Nosferatu Dusk Edition Screen Print by Timothy Pittides

Nosferatu by Timothy Pittides is an 18”x24” hand numbered screen print. This design will be released in two very cool editions: Dawn and Dusk, both limited to just 40 pieces each and will retail for $35 each. The Dawn Edition is printed on French Speckletone Kraft paper, while the Dusk Edition is printed on French Carbon Copy Krafttone paper and features metallic silver ink. Timothy provided some really cool background info on the two editions: “I decided the film could be represented two different ways, the speckletone kraft being used for its antique look as well as the look of day scenes in the colorized version of the film and the carbon copy paper for its specks of browns and reds and of course representing the black and white of the original film. This two choices give people the choice on how they feel personally to the film.”

Both Nosferatu editions go on sale at noon EDT this Wednesday, September 2nd, at the Bottleneck Gallery online store.
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