Monday, September 28, 2015

Cinderella 65th Anniversary Screen Print by JC Richard

Cinderella 65th Anniversary Disney Screen Print by JC Richard & Cyclops Print Works

Last week Cyclops Print Works released a new series of Disney screen prints, including this pretty amazing 65th Anniversary Cinderella poster by JC Richard. This incredible piece is the first of a series of Disney serigraphs coming from Cyclops Print Works with a focus on the landscapes and monuments of the films. The Blot is just blown away by JC’s design that utilizes a whopping 18 colors to achieve this stunning image.

Cinderella 65th Anniversary by JC Richard is a 12”x36” hand numbered Disney screen print on Stardream Crystal 285 gsm paper. Limited to 295 pieces, this movie poster can be purchased now at the Cyclops Print Works online store for $100.
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