Monday, September 28, 2015

MondoCon Exclusive Dracula Screen Print by Jonathan Burton

MondoCon 2015 Exclusive Dracula Regular Edition Screen Print by Jonathan Burton & Mondo

The Blot is seriously blown away by Jonathan Burton’s MondoCon exclusive movie poster screen print for the original 1931 Dracula film! It looks fantastic, and I can’t get over how Burton was able to perfectly recreate Bela Lugosi’s dangerous, yet elegant, look in the film. It’s still the gold standard that all other Dracula films are held too and this is definitely a fitting tribute to that iconic movie. Mondo will be releasing this officially licensed movie poster at their MondoCon 2 booth this weekend.

MondoCon 2015 Exclusive Dracula Variant Edition Screen Print by Jonathan Burton & Mondo

The MondoCon Exclusive Dracula by Jonathan Burton is a 24”x36” 8 color movie poster screen print. The Standard Edition is limited to 325 pieces, while the Variant features metallic silver ink and has a run size of just 150 pieces. Both versions can be purchased this weekend exclusively at Mondo’s MondoCon booth.
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