Sunday, September 20, 2015

“Skullhead Coloring” Print by Huck Gee

Skullhead Blank “Skullhead Coloring” Print by Huck Gee

Last Friday, September 18th, Huck Gee surprised us all by releasing these fantastic “Skullhead Coloring” prints! Featuring a blank Skullhead Blank – Huck’s new platform figure – each print was then hand detailed, hand colored and signed by the artist. As you know, Huck hates doing sketches, so here’s a rare opportunity to own an original piece of artwork by the designer art toy legend. It’s just too bad these prints sold out so darn quickly!

The “Skullhead Coloring” Print by Huck Gee is an 8”x8” Skullhead Blank print on archival quality watercolor paper. These one of a kind prints were sold exclusively at the Huck Gee online store for $45 each.
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