Friday, October 2, 2015

New The Iron Giant Prints by Dark Hall Mansion & Warner Bros!

Brad Bird “Iron Giant Signature Edition” Giclee Print by Dark Hall Mansion

Earlier today, Friday, October 2nd, Dark Hall Mansion released the officially licensed Brad Bird “Iron Giant: Signature Edition” giclee print and metal series, along with killer new Iron Giant limited edition giclee prints by Jeff Granito! These officially licensed movie posters are releasing to commemorate Iron Giant's limited in-theater screenings with Fathom Events around the country, as well as Warner Bros high definition re-release of the Iron Giant: Signature Edition movie.

The Iron Giant Standard Edition Print by Jeff Granito

The artwork for the Signature Edition print was developed by the Warner Bros artist team and director Brad Bird was instantly taken, personally requesting it be released as a fine art edition. Dark Hall Mansion is honored to have gotten the call from Warner Bros and proud to release two select editions: the Brad Bird Standard 18”x24” edition, hand numbered and beautifully printed on rich paper, and an 18”x24” hand numbered edition printed on metal! The nature of the artwork Brad Bird was so drawn to is fully complimented by the edition's printing on metal, not only as to the thematic connections to the film's subject matter, but to the beautiful high gloss finish and sheen of the finished pieces themselves which are truly something to see in person.

The Iron Giant Variant Edition Print by Jeff Granito

DHM is also releasing a new Iron Giant print by contemporary artist Jeff Granito. A striking piece that addresses the Iron Giant's duality. Jeff's Standard Edition deftly splits the Iron Giant's dual nature with gorgeous use of color and composition, while his Variant Edition deliberately echoes a retro black and white sci-fi vibe, and his Metal Edition has a beautiful and unique color scheme all its own. All three Granito Iron Giant prints measure 18”x24”.

The Iron Giant Metal Variant Edition Print by Jeff Granito

All five Iron Giant prints seen here are currently available at the Dark Hall Mansion online store. The Brad Bird “Iron Giant: Signature Edition” Standard Edition is limited to 280 pieces and retails for $65, while the Metal Timed Edition will retails for $250. Its run size will be set by the number of orders placed between now and 11:59pm PDT on Friday, October 9th. Jeff Granito’s Iron Giant Standard Edition is limited to 280 pieces and retails for $65, the Variant Edition is limited to 50 pieces and will retail for $100, while the Select Metal Edition is limited to just 15 pieces and retails for $250.
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