Thursday, January 14, 2016

Star Wars “Prototype Armor” Boba Fett Super Shogun Figure by Funko x Super7

Star Wars “Prototype Armor” Boba Fett Super Shogun Figure by Super7 x Funko

Yesterday, Funko announced a surprise third colorway of its super popular Boba Fett Super Shogun Star Wars figure!!! Released exclusively at the brand spanking new Funko online store, the “Prototype Armor” Boba Fett Super Shogun features the all-white color scheme (with black facemask) that was originally envisioned for the character by designer Ralph Mcquarrie. Looks amazing don’t you think!?! If The Blot had won the Powerball lottery last night this figure would soooo be mine!

The Star Wars “Prototype Armor” Boba Fett Super Shogun stands a whopping 24” tall, features 3 points of articulation, and includes all of the features that you’d expect from an authentic Jumbo: free rotating wheels on the bottom of his feet, spring-loaded missile firing jetpack and wrist launcher, and comes with metallic foil stickers. Utilizing the same techniques implemented by Japanese toy manufacturers in the 1970s, this Star Wars Super Shogun is constructed from durable, blow-molded polyethylene with a painted vinyl helmet.

This exciting new collectible is limited to just 400 pieces and can be purchased exclusively at for $200 each.
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