Friday, February 19, 2016

BeakWok GeekWok Star Wars Resin Figure by UME Toys

“BeakWok” GeekWok the Ewok Star Wars Resin Figure by UME Toys

Chirp Chirp! With spring almost here, GeekWok (Wicket the Ewok’s geeky cousin) has just the costume for the season. Wrapped up in a fluffy looking yellow chicken suit and sporting a beaky nose, this handmade BeakWok Star Wars resin figure by UME Toys is a “must get” for your designer toy collection.

Each BeakWok Star Wars Resin Figure comes hand painted, signed and numbered on his bottom, and packaged in a bag with a header card. This cosplaying GeekWok goes on sale at 9pm London time today, Friday, February 19th, at the UME Toys online store for £38.
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