Friday, April 15, 2016

New Owl & Monster Resin Figures by Vanessa Ramirez!

New Owl & Monster Resin Figures by Vanessa Ramirez - “Winter Blue” Owen, “Purple” Tyton, Bernie & Benji

This Saturday, April 16th, Vanessa Ramirez will be releasing a new batch of adorable, handmade resin owls and monsters! This is Vanessa’s first big release since Designer Con 2015, so I know collectors around the globe will be itching to get their hands on these fantastic new resin pieces. There will be five different figures released at 2pm PST today at the Vanessa Ramirez online store – each one better than the last!

New Owl & Monster Resin Figures by Vanessa Ramirez - Pit

“Winter Blue” Owen ($45) stands 2.25” tall, while “Purple” Tyton ($55) is 3” tall. Both are little owls that likes to sit and think about things. Bernie ($85) is an original one of a kind 4” monster. He did not get bacon on his burger, meaning it’s been a rough day! Benji ($85) is another one of a kind 3” monster. Benji has also had a bad day, so he’s just going to sit here and wait for the ice cream man. Last but definitely not least is Pit ($65), a 2.5” happy little guy that believes why walk when you can skip!
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