Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Star Wars Vinylmation Vinyl Figures by Disney

Star Wars Max Rebo Band Vinylmation Eazchez Vinyl Figures by Disney - Sy Snootles & Droopy McCool

Over the past few months Disney has released a number of really cool new Star Wars Vinylmation vinyl figures! What’s amazing about these releases is the variety of the figures. This Friday, July 1st, Disney will be releasing the limited edition Max Rebo Band Eachez. An Eachez release is when Disney releases just one single design blind box style with a very rare chase variant randomly inserted. Based on Episode IV: A New Hope, the Max Rebo Band features Sy Snootles (9/10) and Droopy McCool (1/10) 3” vinyl figures sold blind box style for $16.99 each and is limited to just 1,500 pieces.

Star Wars Ewok Vinylmation 9” Vinyl Figure by Disney

Last month Disney released this epic Ewok 9” Vinylmation vinyl figure, the first large scale Star Wars Vinylmation released in a really long time! This limited edition figure retails for $59.95. There’s also a very special limited edition Endor Princess Leia 3” Combo Topper Vinylmation Pack based on her appearance in Return of the Jedi that is available as an add on to Star Wars Vinylmation Series 6 for $14.99.

Endor Princess Leia Combo Topper Vinylmation Vinyl Figure by Disney

Last but not least is the Rex and Ace Vinylmation Eachez 3” vinyl figure release based on the popular Star Wars amusement park ride Star Tours sold blind box style for $16.95 each. Which of these releases do you want to get your hands on the most!?!

Star Wars Star Tours Rex and Ace Vinylmation Eazchez Vinyl Figures by Disney
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