Friday, August 26, 2016

“Duck Wolf” Donald Duck Inspired Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateball

Donald Duck Inspired “Duck Wolf” Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateball

Hateball’s Zinewolf is back with an entirely new personality! The Duck Wolf pays tribute to the Mouse’s perpetually angry best friend. A shaky friend who nobody really knows. Nobody knows why he's content with position #2. Nobody knows why everybody wants to talk about the times he gets mad but nobody wants to talk about the times he's just a fun dude. The duck. He is charismatic. And now he is a part of Hateball’s story. The Haunted Wolf Is Ghost Of Charismatic Duck Is Ghost Of Haunted Wolf. Behold.

The Duck Wolf Zinewolf is a kitbashed vinyl figure cast in black vinyl. This 6.5” figure includes a Donald Duck mask, which magnetically attaches to the haunted Hateball figure underneath. Each figure comes with a 20 page zine, stickers and a ¾” enamel pin. Collectors can purchase this Disney inspired figure now at the Hateball online store for $55.
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