Friday, August 19, 2016

Teal Typhoon Vinyl Figure Set by Paul Kaiju

Teal Typhoon Soft Vinyl Figure Set by Paul Kaiju - Dualbat, Mockbat, Hellmock & Biterfish

This Sunday, August 21st, at 6pm PST, Paul Kaiju will be opening up another one of his signature free raffles at his website for a chance to win the right to purchase this epic Teal Typhoon vinyl figure set!!! The raffle will be open for just one hour (ending at 7pm PST), and winners will then be drawn randomly from all entries. Paul’s Teal Typhoon Vinyl Figure Set includes a Dualbat, Mockbat, Hellmock and Biterfish all cast in teal colored soft Japanese vinyl. Is this set striking or what!?! Winners are guaranteed an instant unpainted Paul Kaiju collection all for just $400.
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