Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mike Mitchell’s MondoCon 2016 Exclusive Prints

Mike Mitchell’s MondoCon 2016 Exclusive Prints - Skully “October, 1829” & Food Dudes “Two-handed Mace” and “Short Sword”

Mike Mitchell will be taking over MondoCon again this year with a huge array of exclusive prints available only at his MC3 booth! I know fans are already salivating over the three prints his announced so far, with even more exclusives being announced between now and Saturday morning. So far we know Mitchell will be releasing this majestic MondoCon 2016 Exclusive Skully print entitled “October, 1829”, which measures 11”x14” and is limited to 150 pieces. He’s also releasing two killer new Food Dudes, “Two-handed Mace” and “Short Sword”. Which piece are you most excited about this weekend!?!
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