Thursday, November 3, 2016

Complex Con Exclusive Alien vs Predator Resin Figure Set by Special Ed Toys

Complex Con 2016 Exclusive Alien vs Predator The Evil of the Thriller Edition Resin Figure Set by Special Ed Toys x DKE Toys

DKE Toys will be heading to Complex Con this weekend in Long Beach, California and bringing with them some killer new bootleg exclusives, including this second colorway of Special Ed Toys' super popular Alien vs Predator resin figure set! The original release was nominated for Toy of the Year at the 2015 Designer Toy Awards, so you know this release is going to be highly sought after! The Complex Con 2016 Exclusive Alien vs Predator set is The Evil of the Thriller Edition. With this release you get two hand painted, cast and customized 3.75” scale resin figures of ET (the Alien) and Michael Jackson (the Predator) on custom card backs. Limited to just 20 pieces, each set comes signed and numbered by the artist and retails for $120 at the DKE Toys CC booth #J11.

Alien vs Predator Background Story: They came into our lives in the 80s, “touching” us in ways we could never imagine. One from the stars and the other a big shining star on Earth. But as quickly as they touched our childhoods, they were gone. But now they're back...and they're coming after your fondest childhood memories and there's no telling who will win. Will it be the Reese's pieces peddling Alien or the Pretty Young Predator in disguise? One thing's for sure, no matter who wins, your childhood loses.
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