Monday, April 3, 2017

Pan’s Labyrinth Screen Print by Drew Struzan x Bottleneck Gallery

Pan’s Labyrinth Movie Poster Screen Prints by Drew Struzan x Bottleneck Gallery

Today, Bottleneck Gallery revealed one of the biggest projects they’ve ever worked on: a Pan’s Labyrinth screening featuring Drew Struzan’s masterful artwork for the film as a screen print! Guillermo Del Toro, the visionary director behind Pan’s Labyrinth, commissioned the iconic movie poster artist to create a painting for the film before it was released. Struzan’s piece for the film is gorgeous, and it’s amazing that BNG was able to transformer it into a 23 color screen print.

Pan’s Labyrinth Art Edition Movie Poster Screen Print by Drew Struzan x Bottleneck Gallery

As Bottleneck Gallery explained, “Drew’s art for the movie is hauntingly beautiful, featuring Ofelia huddled in the Faun’s arms, with tones and colors emphasizing the dark tone of the movie.” The Pan’s Labyrinth screenings will be held on Thursday, April 13th, at Syndicated Theatre, located at 40 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY. Each ticket is $220 and includes 1 signed titled version of Drew Struzan’s Pan’s Labyrinth screen print, admission to the screening, 2 enamel lapel pins and a complimentary themed cocktail. There will also be a $20 screening ticket that does not include the print.

Pan’s Labyrinth by Drew Struzan is a 24”x36” signed and numbered 23 color screen print. The Titled Edition is limited to 315 pieces, while the Art Print Edition is limited to just 60 pieces. Both versions will retail for $200 and will be available at the theatre from 6-9pm the day of the screenings. You do not need to purchase a screening ticket in order to buy the prints, as they will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tickets for each of the screenings, 7:00pm and 9:45pm, are available for purchase now at the Bottleneck Gallery online store.
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