Friday, May 19, 2017

Five Points Festival Debut Dead Bear Vinyl Figure by Nicky Davis x Martian Toys

Five Points Festival Debut Dead Bear Vinyl Figures by Nicky Davis x Andrea Kang x Martian Toys

This weekend at the first annual Five Points Festival comic con in New York City, Martian Toys will be pre-releasing a limited number of Nicky Davis’ awesome new vinyl figure, Dead Bear! The Blot’s been following the work for this Houston based artist for a number of years, and I was super pumped to learn Davis was teaming up with Martian Toys to release his very first production figure.

Not only that, but instead of traditional colorways Martian Toys will be releasing different artist editions of the Dead Bear. So along with the pre-release of the original Dead Bear colorway, Martian Toys will also be releasing a creepy cute colorway designed by Andrea Kang (also seen above). There will be six different Dead Bear editions in all, and each variant comes with a unique accessory.
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