Monday, May 29, 2017

Inhumans: A Marvel Television Series Teaser Poster & Cast Photo

Inhumans A Marvel Television Series Teaser One Sheet TV Poster

For whatever release, the leadership behind Marvel Comics and Marvel Television are really, really, really trying to push the Inhumans onto the world of pop culture. First they tried to force the Inhumans Royal Family on to Marvel Studios as a film, and then they tried to make the Inhumans a replacement for the X-Men in their comic book continuity. And let me just tell you, neither of those worked! So instead of just giving up and admitting that the Inhumans aren’t A-list characters, they’re going to try to force feed Black Bolt and Medusa one more time as a live action television series.

Inhumans A Marvel Television Series Cast Photo

While The Blot’s pumped about seeing Lockjaw and Crystal on my television screen, there is zero chance this show is successful. For whatever release, Marvel just can’t get network TV right. While the show’s first teaser poster looks awesome, have you seen the terrible costumes they’re using in the show? And what is going on with Medusa's hair!?! Gag me with a spoon…
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