Sunday, February 11, 2018

“MM Doom 2” Mickey Mouse x MF Doom T-Shirt by Lightsleepers

“MM Doom 2” Mickey Mouse x Disney x MF Doom x DangerDoom T-Shirt by Lightsleepers

MM Doom – Lightsleepers’ killer mash-up of rapper MF Doom with Disney’s Mickey Mouse – is back as a new take on a classic Lightsleepers tee! When Mickey is not making kids smile, at night he dawns the Metal Mask and hood to rock the house. For this second version of MM Doom, the mouse is hooded, metal, and ready to roll!

The “MM Doom 2” Mickey Mouse x MF Doom T-Shirt is printed on black tee, and can be purchased now at the Lightsleepers online store, in sizes S-3XL, for $30.
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