Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deconstructed Donald Duck “Duck 2” & “Duck 3” T-Shirts by Matt Gondek

Deconstructed Donald Duck “Duck 2” & “Duck 3” Disney T-Shirts by Matt Gondek

In just over a week, Matt Gondek will be opening up his long awaited Hong Kong pop up shop! It will officially open on March 26th at Store C2 GF (Po Lung Commercial Building 89-95, Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong) where he will be releasing not one but two awesome Deconstructed Donald Duck t-shirts!!! These Disney inspired tees – entitled “Duck 2” and “Duck 3” – will be editions of 100 hand numbered tees. So you can only imagine how quickly these limited edition Deconstructed Donald Duck t-shirts will sell out. Good luck to fans hoping to add these rad designs to their closets.
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