Monday, March 26, 2018

Spongrenade “Disassemble” Print by Nathan Cleary

SpongeBob Squarepants Inspired Spongrenade “Disassemble” Print by Nathan Cleary

To commemorate the release of Nathan Cleary’s awesome Spongrenade resin figure, the artist has released these matching “Disassembled” black and white prints! Inspired by IKEA’s legendarily unhelpful picture only instructions, the Spongrenade “Dissassemble” print measures 420mm X 297mm and was printed on 270gsm Eggshell White iTone Paper. It’s the perfect size for the IKEA RIBBA frame too, making this an unofficial collab with the Swedish do it yourself furniture store. It’s a must get for fans of Cleary’s fantastic Weapons of Mass Confusion series!

Limited to just 25 hand signed and numbered pieces, the Spongrenade “Disassemble” print can be purchased now at the Nathan Cleary online store for £40.
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