Friday, August 31, 2018

The Deadly Spawn Vinyl Figure Kickstarter Campaign by Justin Ishmael‪ x James Groman‬

The Deadly Spawn Vinyl Figure Kickstarter Campaign by Justin Ishamel

Earlier this week Justin Ishmael launched a Kickstarter campaign to produced his newest officially licensed vinyl figure, The Deadly Spawn! Based on the classic low budget 1983 monster movie of the same name, The Deadly Spawn is being produced under license from producer Ted Bohus and was sculpted by toy legend James Groman (Madballs, My Pet Monster, Barnyard Commandos). What’s really cool about this release is there’s actually two vinyl figures being made – the massive 9” tall Deadly Spawn and a matching 7” long Larvae Deadly Spawn.

The Deadly Spawn Movie Poster

The Deadly Spawn Kickstarter is live for the next 30 days, but don't wait! “Early Bird” backers will have the opportunity to acquire Mega Sets at drastically reduced prices, but supplies will be limited. There will also be extremely limited 1-off custom painted version opportunities from both James Groman and Justin Ishmael.

The Deadly Spawn Vinyl Figure by Justin Ishamel

The Deadly Spawn Larvae vinyl figure is 7” long and 2.5” tall, and is available as a Blank Edition ($35) or a Painted Edition ($50). The full size The Deadly Spawn vinyl figure is a whopping 9” tall x 11” deep and 7.5” wide. It also features three articulated heads, two of which are interchangeable, and two articulated arms. The Deadly Spawn is also available in a Blank Edition ($100) and a Painted Edition ($150).

The Deadly Spawn Larvae Vinyl Figure by Justin Ishamel

Collectors can also choose from multiple sets of painted and unpainted combinations of the two figures. This figure looks amazing! But don’t take The Blot’s word for it – head over to The Deadly Spawn Kickstarter Campaign right now and check it out for yourself!
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