Friday, October 4, 2019

Funko’s Full Line Up of NYCC 2019 Exclusive Vinyl Figures!

Funko’s New York Comic Con 2019 Exclusive Vinyl Figures

If you’re heading to New York Comic Con 2019 this weekend and you’re hoping to score some Funko exclusive vinyl figures here’s everything you need to know! Most of the figures are shared exclusives, meaning you’ll be able to find these figures at a number of large chains. If you’re at NYCC then here’s the official price list: Single Pop! Figures are $15; Pop! 2-packs are $30; Pop! 3-packs are $35; Pop! Town figures are $50; Pop! Tees are $30; Pop! Rides are $40; 6” Pop! figures are $25; 5 Star action figures are $15; and all other vinyl figures are $20.

Here is your full list of Funko 2019 New York Comic Con Exclusive Vinyl Figures:

Green Hornet Pop! TV, First Appearance Nick Fury Pop! Marvel, Lady Liberty Hello Kitty Pop! Sanrio, DC Comics Huntress Pop! Heroes, Filch with Mrs. Norris (Yule) Pop! Harry Potter, Killer Klowns from Outer Space Slim Pop! Movies, Borderlands Butt Stallion Pop! Games, The Simpsons Evil Groundskeeper Willie Pop! Animation, Rick & Morty Shrimp Rick Pop! Animation, The Simpsons Vampire Mr. Burns Pop! Animation, First Appearance Captain Mar-Vell Pop! Marvel, Stranger Things Suzie Pop! TV, DBZ Final flash Vegeta Pop! Animation, Game of Thrones Missandei Pop! TV, Doctor Who Tzim-Sha Pop! TV, Dragon Ball Z Piccolo in Lotus Position Pop! Animation, My Hero Academia Dabi Pop! Animation, Stan Lee Cameo (Astronaut) Pop! Marvel, Fortnite Dark Voyager (MT) (GW) Pop! Games, Madame Maxime 6” (Yule) Pop! Harry Potter, Toy Story 4 Benson Pop! Disney, Avengers: Endgame Iron Man with Gauntlet Pop! Marvel, Donald Duck Anniversary Firefighter Pop! Disney, Rick & Morty Shrimp Morty Pop! Animation, Up House with Kevin Pop! Town, Sandtrooper Pop! Star Wars, Dark Crystal 2-pack Heretic and Wanderer Pop! TV, Overwatch 6” Txc Wrckng Ball Pop! Games, Jay & Silent Bob Bluntman & Chronic Pop! Movies, Edgar Allen Poe with Book Pop! Icons, Avatar Last Airbender Cabbage Merchant & Cabbage Cart Pop! Animation, Scott Pilgrim 5 Star Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim 5 Star Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim 5 Star Knives Chau, Samurai Jack 2-pack Aku & Samurai Jack Pop! Animation, HB Clyde Pop! Animation, HB Professor Pat Pending Pop! Animation, The Mandalorian Pop! Star Wars, Back to the Future Marty McFly (Haz Mat) Pop! Movies, and First Appearance Ms. Marvel Pop! Marvel.
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