Monday, December 2, 2019

Blue Velvet Screen Print by Kevin Tong x Mad Duck Posters

Blue Velvet Movie Poster Screen Print by Kevin Tong x Mad Duck Posters

Mad Duck Posters has released its newest movie poster, the hauntingly beautiful Blue Velvet by Kevin Tong. Man, the way Kevin utilized blue light in this print is just amazing! As Ton explained, “Blue Velvet is one of my favorite films. With anything David Lynch, the process of coming up with imagery is massively intimidating. Sketch after sketch, I was hitting walls for a while and I finally came to the conclusion that Blue Velvet is an intense emotion driven film and I wanted my poster for it to be emotional as well. The film is painted with sadness, anger, lust, beauty, ugliness, love, and so much more. I tried to make every aspect of the illustration, the style, color palette, composition, and mood, reflect some emotional aspect of Blue Velvet.”

Blue Velvet by Kevin Tong is a 24”x3” hand numbered screen print. The Regular Edition is limited to 250 pieces and will retail for $70, while the Variant is limited to 125 pieces and will retail for $90. There is also a Foil Variant of each edition that is limited to just 15 pieces and retails for $150. All four versions are available now at
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