Wednesday, July 8, 2020

SDCC 2020 Exclusive Bootleg Gold Sucklord Resin Figure by Lou Pimentel x Suckadelic

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive Bootleg Gold Sucklord Resin Figure by Lou Pimentel x Suckadelic x DKE Toys

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean the exclusives have been! Comic-Con at Home is just around the corner, and DKE Toys will be releasing a ton of awesome bootleg resin figures, including this rad Bootleg Gold Sucklord by Lou Pimentel and Suckadelic. Each 3.75” bootleg resin figure was hand cast and hand painted. Limited to 200 signed and numbered pieces, the Bootleg Gold Sucklord will retail for $30.

Over the past few years at New York Comic Con artist Lou Pimentel has hand painted approximately 20 different card backs in watercolor. That series is called Vintage Gold and each had a vintage style toy glued to the art for that vintagey action figure feel. For SDCC this year DKE Toys decided to “bootleg” its own series. These cardbacks are printed so DKE Toys can offer a lower price point of $30. Each one has a “bootleg” of the classic Sucklord figure and are signed on the back by The Super Sucklord and Lou Pimentel.


DKE Toys is hosting a LIVE virtual event in place of the canceled San Diego Comic-Con 2020. For your enjoyment DKE Toys has created #DKECON to fill the gaping hole in your canceled convention season. The pandemic has provided the unusual opportunity of inviting everyone the DKE team knows to their San Diego Comic-Con “booth”.

The DKE Toys booth will be set up in the DKE warehouse and available to all via a live continuous Zoom meeting and for the first time in DKE Toys history all of the SDCC convention releases will be available in an online store.

Zoom link
Store link

#DKECON via Zoom will open for “Preview Night” Wednesday, July 22nd, from 5pm – 9pm and continue Thursday, July 23rd, from 9am – 7pm, Friday, July 24th, from 9am – 7pm, Saturday, July 25th, from 9am – 7pm, and Sunday, July 26th, from 9am – 5pm. The online store will open at 5pm on Wednesday, July 22nd, and remain open 24 hours a day through Sunday, July 26th, for the duration of the show.

All exclusive products will be limited to one per person per item on Wednesday night. Starting Thursday two or more will be available. Starting Thursday at 10am the DKE Toys warehouse will be open for walk in business one customer at a time, state and local government regulations permitting.
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