Thursday, August 20, 2020

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope Screen Print by We Buy Your Kids x Mondo

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope Movie Poster Screen Print by We Buy Your Kids x Mondo

Today, Mondo will be releasing this fantastic new movie poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 thriller Rope by We Buy Your Kids. As Mondo explained, “Released in partnership with our friends at Mad Duck Posters, the brilliant artist duo We Buy Your Kids beautifully sum up the elegant twists and turns of Hitchcock’s 72-year-old cult classic. This is WBYK’s fourth dance with the Master of Suspense, and we hope the music never stops.”

Rope by We Buy Your Kids is an 18”x24” hand numbered screen print. Limited to 200 pieces, this Alfred Hitchcock movie poster will go on sale at 11am CDT today, Thursday, August 20th, at via The Drop for $50.
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