Friday, February 12, 2021

Space Stone Vinyl Figure by The Bots x UVD Toys – A Tenacious Toys Exclusive

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Space Stone Vinyl Figure by The Bots x UVD Toys

Today, Tenacious Toys released a new grumpy stone by The Bots! Check out the Space Stone, which may – or may not – imbued its holder with unimaginable power.  Inspired by Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, the Space Stone is a 2”x2” blue vinyl figure.  While Strangecat’s previously released Power Stone grants the holder with unimaginable power, the Tenacious Space Stone gives the holder control over space itself! Don’t be surprised if this figure rearranges the order of your collection on your toy shelves.

Limited to just 100 pieces, the Space Stone was produced by UVD Toys and will come packaged in a bag with a colorway specific header card. It can be purchased now at for $20.  Don’t miss the chance to take the power into your own hands!

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