Monday, April 26, 2021

Alien Day 2021 Linocut Print by Attack Peter x Mondo

Alien Day 2021 Linocut Print by Attack Peter x Mondo

April 26th has come to mean a day of celebration of the ALIEN film franchise, and an annual reminder of Mondo’s responsibility to spread the word of the greatness of the Xenomorph (and Ellen Ripley) to those who remain unaware. To celebrate Alien Day 2021 (aka LV-426 Day), Mondo is this incredible ALIEN linocut print by Attack Peter.

“We had so much success with the Godzilla prints and I wanted to give some love to another of my favorite monsters of all time… Let me tell you this was harder than I thought it would be! Mostly because so many INCREDIBLE artists have made such ICONIC Alien posters that I was stuck on how to contribute in a unique way! The truth is that with a design as beautiful as Giger’s it was just about translating it in a way that showcased the medium of linoleum block print making.” – Attack Peter

Alien by Attack Peter is a 20”x30” linocut print on Lokta paper. Limited to just 120 pieces, it will go on sale at 11am CT today, Monday, April 26th, at via The Drop for $100.

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