Tuesday, April 6, 2021

OBEY Giant “Kurt Cobain – Endless Namless” Screen Print by Shepard Fairey

OBEY Giant “Kurt Cobain – Endless Namless” Screen Print by Shepard Fairey

Today, OBEY Giant will be releasing this fantastic portrait of Kurt Cobain by Shepard Fairey! As Shepard explained, “I have been a fan of Nirvana since I first heard them over 30 years ago. My appreciation for lead singer Kurt Cobain’s artistry and intelligence has only increased over the decades. I had an opportunity to see Nirvana and the Melvins in the fall of 1991, but I had a college project due, so I skipped it to finish my work. At the time, it seemed like both bands would remain underground and tour the smaller clubs for the foreseeable future. As it turns out, Nirvana would soon sell millions of albums and dramatically change the musical landscape.”

“I’d always wanted to make a Kurt Cobain tribute portrait, but I did not want to use one of the many well-known photographs as the reference for my illustration. Fortunately, I ran into Chris Petersen whose late sister Naomi was a photographer for SST Records and shot some great Nirvana photos in 1990. In one photo, I was immediately drawn to Kurt’s gaze directly at the viewer, which I then tried to amplify in my illustration. I hope that my portrait of Kurt is a reminder that his artistry and humanity endure despite his struggles and tragic early death.” – Shepard Fairey

“Kurt Cobain – Endless Nameless” by Shepard Fairey is an 18”x24” signed and numbered screen print on thick cream Speckletone paper. Original photo by Naomi Petersen. Limited to 650 pieces, this Kurt Cobain poster will go on sale at 10am PT today, Tuesday, April 6th, store.obeygiant.com/collections/prints for $85.

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