Friday, June 11, 2021

8 Ball Machinegun Ghost Vinyl Figure by Paul Kaiju

8 Ball Machinegun Ghost Purple Edition Vinyl Figure by Paul Kaiju

This weekend, Paul Kaiju will be releasing a new micro run of 8 Ball Machinegun Ghost vinyl figures!  Cast in purple soft Japanese vinyl, the 8 Ball Machinegun Ghost will be available as a Painted Edition ($400) or a Blank Edition ($160).  The Painted Edition features a movable 8 Ball eye, and both versions include a matching Balloon Dog mini.

To purchase this new 8 Ball Machinegun Ghost, complete the online form that will be available on this Saturday, June 12th, at noon PDT. They will be sold via a lottery that is open for 3 hour and registration will end at 3pm PT. Collectors will have the opportunity to check select from one of the two offerings on the raffle form or select “No preference”. Winners will be drawn randomly from all entries to purchase one figure and will be notified within 4 days after raffle closing.

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