Tuesday, December 13, 2022

A Life Well Wasted “Memory” Screen Print by Olly Moss

A Life Well Wasted “Memory” Screen Print by Olly Moss

Wow, after almost a ten year hiatus Robert Ashley’s podcast “A Life Well Wasted” is back for its eighth episode. In Episode 8, entitled “Memory”, Robert Ashley finds out what it takes to speedrun games in a blindfold, visits a museum in Moscow dedicated to Soviet-era arcade machines, and talks to a group of friends about a childhood summer spent dreaming up a game of their own.

But what makes the release of Episode 8 really exciting is that it means Olly Moss is also back!!! The Blot was just discussing on Twitter how much I miss seeing new artwork from Olly (even his odd Garfield phase) and would kill for a new Moss print. Well guess what!?! Now we’ve got one! Moss has designed the cover art for each episode of A Life Well Wasted, which is then released as a matching screen print.  It’s crazy to think this is the first Olly Moss print release in almost 5 years!

“Memory” by Olly Moss is an 18”x24” A Life Well Wasted 4 color screen print. This Timed Edition print is available for pre-order at ALifeWellWasted.com from now through 12pm ET on Monday, December 19th. The print is $75 with US shipping included or $95 with international shipping.

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