Monday, November 20, 2023

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope Screen Print by Greg Ruth x Mad Duck Posters

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope Screen Print by Greg Ruth x Mad Duck Posters

Mad Duck Posters continues its awesome Alfred Hitchcock screen print series with this fantastic new movie poster for Rope (starring James Stewart) by artist Greg Ruth! As Mad Duck Posters explained, “Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope is one of the best crime/mystery movies ever made. Two young men believe they have committed the perfect crime, and as they become increasingly more daring, their old teacher begins to suspect... The movie is unique in movie history as it required just 10 shots to film!  As a comparison, The Birds required 1360 shots to complete the film.”

Greg Ruth went on to say about his work the following: “The rope is of course allegorical, not to be confused with his actually wearing the ropes - but Stewart’s character is being essentially tied and strangled by the murder he is responsible for instigating by his own dark philosophy and his ignorance of it being put it into practice. It’s the moment of horror for him, that the shape of his ideology is that strangled boy in the box they’ve all been dining atop of. It’s the unspoken hidden image made plain and uncloaked by academic flourish and theoretical behavior. To participate in the reduction of the symbol would be to cheerlead for the murderers in the story, and push against the very thing he finds so horrid about their actions in the end.”

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope by Greg Ruth is a 24”x36” hand numbered screen print.  The Regular Edition is limited to 200 pieces and retails for $80, while the Variant on Kraft-Tone Paper Bag Kraft Paper is limited to 100 pieces and retails for $100. The Kraft-Tone Paper Bag Kraft Paper shows the appearance of texture to mimic rope with a color similar to the original movie posters. Actual rough texture is not present due to potential ink adherence issues with the screen printing process. Both versions are available now at

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