Thursday, August 15, 2013

“Devastator” Transformers Screen Print by Laurent Durieux

“Devastator” Transformers Standard Edition Screen Print by Laurent Durieux

Acid Free Gallery announced the newest print in their officially licensed Transformers Print Series and it looks crazy good! “Devastator” by Laurent Durieux features Hasbro’s most popular (and first) Generation 1 combiner team the Constructicons as their combiner Devastator in all his green and purple glory! What The Blot didn’t realize when Acidfree released Durieux’ Soundwave print back in May was that it was the first in a new two piece Transformers diptych. So Durieux’ Soundwave print actually combines with today’s print of combiner Devastator (see what I did there!?!).

“Devastator” Transformers Variant Screen Print by Laurent Durieux

Decepticon Diptych Screen Print by Laurent Durieux - Soudwave & Devastator

“Devastator” by Laurent Durieux is a 24”x36” 8 color Transformers screen print. The Standard Edition has a limited edition run size of 184 pieces, comes hand numbered and will retail for $65, while the Variant has a limited edition run size of 84 pieces, comes hand numbered by the artist, and will retail for $65. Both versions go on sale at 12:30pm EST today, Thursday, August 15th, at the Acid Free Gallery online store.
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