Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Blot Heads To The Windy City

The Blot is heading to the Arctic Tundra today for work (well ok its just Chicago but whatever it'll still be cold). So in honor of my big trip to the Windy City I'm reminding you all of the big $10 Threadless sale. Threadless' first and only retail store is in Chicago and I'm really hoping to have time on Wednesday to check it out before I head back down to The H. It would be great because it sounds like I'm going to need to wear about 20 of their hoodies to have any chance of staying warm.
ThreadlessUnfortunately, now that I've done some research and map quested the store, it looks like it's going to be way too far north for me to have time to swing by before I fly out. Oh well, I'm guessing shipping will probably end up being cheaper than the cab ride from the looks of how the store is from my hotel room.

Anyway, check out some of these newly released designs from Threadless...I think I might have to order up these first couple shirts:

Cowboys and Indians by Glenn Jones
Cowboys and Indians

Transfarmers by Ole Ivar Rudi

I Love Coffee by Kirksey Wells
I Love Coffee

Penguins On Holiday by Philip Tseng
(Here's a great one for the kids in your life!)

Penguins On Holiday

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