Monday, April 14, 2008

Jack Johnson’s Sleep Through The Static Keeps On Selling

This new album of Johnson’s really is the little album that could. Even though I talked about Jack Johnson’s new album Sleep Through The Static last February, The Blot had no idea the how big this album could be. After its ninth week on sale, Sleep Through The Static has sold over 1 million copies (1,006,270 to be exact) and show’s no signs of slowing down. (link) After spending 8 weeks ranked in the top 10 of album sales, Johnson’s fifth studio album is now ranked 13th on the Soundscan sales chart with only a 15% drop off of sales from the week before. It doesn’t look like this album is going anywhere, while Johnson’s star continues to rise within the music industry.

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static
Speaking of Johnson, did anyone catch Saturday Night Live this past weekend? Andy Samberg reprised his impersonation of Johnson, this time as the host of “The Mellow Show.” Honestly, the skit was really, really not funny, but I thought the impersonations were pretty spot on. I always love Samberg as Johnson and Bill Hader as Dave Matthews and host Ashton Kutcher as John Mayer were pretty good. Too bad they weren’t given funnier material to work with. The best part of the skit was when Keenan Thompson showed up out of nowhere as Boyd Tinsley, violinist of the Dave Matthews Band. I also loved the reference to J.J. Casuals footwear from a previous SNL commercial. You know, J.J. Casuals are the only shoes that look like feet...for when you have to go somewhere that requires shoes, but you want to keep it casual like Jack Johnson.

Here is the original J.J. Casuals Parody Commercial:

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