Tuesday, August 19, 2008

90210 Trailer And Television Posters

Old friends. New faces. Same ZIP.

90210 Television Poster Debuting on The CW this Fall
90210 Character Television Poster - Annie - New Drama. Same Zip Code.Ok, we all knew this 90210 sequel (remake? spin-off?) was coming to The CW, but I’ve been in some deep denial about it. What can I say? I was a Beverly Hills 90210 junkie back in the day. I guess it was all about being the right age at the right time. But now there is no denying the new 90210 series is legit with its debut set for Tuesday, September 2nd at 8/7c on The CW.

90210 Character Television Poster - Ethan and Naomi - New Drama. Same Zip Code.While I wasn’t happy to hear The CW was messing with my childhood, I did take some solace in knowing some popular old faces would be returning in the form of Kelly (Jennie Garth), Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and my favorite non-main cast member Nat (Joe E. Tata). Throw in a little Full House love with Lori Loughlin joining the cast of this new 90210 series and you have just enough to pique my interest.

While I’m sure everyone has heard about this new 90210 show, you may not have seen any of this new teen drama. So check out the show’s official television trailer and watch for the return of Kelly and Brenda to West Beverly High and the zip code they made so famous:

90210 Character Television Poster - Dixon - New Drama. Same Zip Code.On a side note, The CW has decided not to send out screeners of its new series to the media before its premiere on September 2nd. (link) This is a particularly bad sign for the freshman drama as typically networks only refuse to send early copies of their shows to critics when they feel a show is especially bad and would be given negative reviews. Of course The CW is spinning it the opposite way saying “we’re not hiding anything…simply keeping a lid on 90210 until 9.02, riding the curiosity and anticipation into premiere night, and letting all our constituents see it at the same time.” (link)

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the new series, but also not a bad game plan. I can understand The CW not wanting their show to get bogged down by bad reviews for a teen drama, and they are probably hoping strong ratings for the series premiere will hide some of the show’s inadequacies. Regardless, with this news I don’t see a long life in store for the new 90210.
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