Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kidrobot - Dunny Series 5 Vinyl Figures by MAD and Clutter

Kidrobot - Dunny Series 5
Kidrobot - MAD Agent Series 5 Dunny Promo ArtNow that Dunny Series 5 has been officially announced, artists are starting to leak their designs for Kidrobot’s latest designer vinyl mini-figure series. Today The Blot is excited to share with you two more very cool designs slated to be included in this newest series of Dunnys set to be released on September 4th. The first figure is from one of The Blot’s favorite artists, Kansas City designer MAD (you may recognize his design work on Upper Deck’s line of All-Star Vinyl figures). His secret agent inspired Dunny has some of the best accessories ever. I’m really digging MAD’s newest vinyl figure.

Kidrobot - MAD's Secret Agent Series 5 Dunny
Then comes a pirate themed Dunny from the artists of Clutter Magazine. I love the creativity of the pink one-eyed pirate’s peg leg ear. With pictures of these two new Dunnys hitting the web, we now have seen 10 of the 19 designs for Series 5. I’m just dying to see what Huck’s ultra limited edition Golden Ticket Dunny will look like.

Kidrobot - Clutter's Pirate Series 5 Dunny Front and Back
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