Monday, September 15, 2008

Amanda Visell - Kidrobot Exclusive Moonshine Print

Pink Elephant featuring Drunky McSkunky by Amanda VisellOne of The Blot’s newest art addictions is work by Los Angeles based artist Amanda Visell. I just can’t get enough of her amazing work! I first learned Visell earlier this year when she released the ridiculously awesome Pink Elephant featuring Drunky McSkunky. Since then Amanda has been on fire with new production pieces, prints and original custom figures.

Kidrobot - Series 5 Dunny by Amanda VisellSadly, the only Visell piece I own is her Series 5 Dunny. But it’s pretty great in its own right. I am sharing all of this because last week Ms. Visell released a very cool Kidrobot exclusive new glicee. The Moonshine Print is limited to just 50 pieces and is currently still available at Kidrobot’s online store. This print is a great example of Visell’s cartoony, abstract style that The Blot loves so much.

Amanda Visell - Kidrobot Exclusive Moonshine Print
So here is your chance to add a wonderful piece of Amanda Visell artwork to your collection, but act quickly. Because at $70.00 each, this limited edition Kidrobot exclusive Moonshine print is sure to be selling out any day now.
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