Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buff Monster x Brandt Peters Peacemaker No. 32.9 Vinyl Figure

The Blot knows nothing about this new collaboration between artists Buff Monster and Brandt Peters, but it’s pretty freaking awesome! The Buff Monster Edition of Brandt Peters’ Peacemaker No. 32.9 looks to be the first figure in a new Peacemaker No. 32.9 Artist Series produced by MINDstyle. I’m really interested in finding out if these Artist Series Peacemakers will be the same size (13 inches) and around the same price ($100) as the OG Peacemaker No. 32.9.

Buff Monster x Brandt Peters Peacemaker No. 32.9
Could this be a new blind box series of 3-6" Peacemaker No. 32.9s or is it an actual Artist Series featuring the original Peacemaker!?! Only time will tell, but I’m really hoping these turn out to be full size figures. A line of Peacemaker No. 32.9 vinyl figures with each figure designed by a different artist would be killer.
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