Friday, August 28, 2009

MAD x Fully Visual Mini Metal Mad*ls

Since it looks like MAD’s long rumored 3” Mad*l Vinyl Mini Figure Series won’t be happening, we are apparently getting the next best thing…3” Mini Metal Mad*ls from Fully Visual! I’m not 100% sure the size of these metal Mad*ls, they could be anywhere from 2-4 inches in height, but they look pretty cool so far!

MAD x Fully Visual Mini Metal Mad*ls
When I first heard MAD was doing a collaboration with Fully Visual earlier this year, the first thing that popped into my head was metal Mad*ls. Instead we got the metal Modern Hero figures, which are great in their own right, but I was still holding out hope we would one day see metal versions of one of my favorite vinyl platforms. Thankfully, MAD and Fully Visual saw the same potential in metal Mad*ls as The Blot did and made these killer figures a reality.

MAD x Fully Visual Mini Metal Mad*l Teaser Image
More details should be coming soon on these MAD x Fully Visual mini metal Mad*ls, but we do know they will be coming in five unique colors: Silver Antique, Gold, Black Nickel, Copper and Brass. Normally Black Nickel is my favorite Fully Visual colorway, but I can’t seem to decide which metal figure I want to add to my Mad*l collection. I’m leaning towards a Silver Antique or Copper Mad*l, but it also depends on the rarity of each colorway and the price. More details to come once they are announced.
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