Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dunny Fatale Blind Box Series

Kidrobot has finally made an official announcement concerning the release of their next 3 inch blind box series, Dunny Fatale! The Dunny Femme Fatale series features designs from 18 prominent and talented female artists. Some are cute and sweet while others are bold and cruel, but all are irresistible. Photos of the series leaked almost two months ago, so it’s nice to see Kidrobot finally acknowledge this awesome looking mini figure series.

Kidrobot - Dunny Fatale Blind Box Series Vinyl Figures by Alexandra Anderson, Aya Kakeda, Amanda Visell & Koralie
Each blind boxed 3” Dunny retails for $7.95, comes with a trading card and some include accessories. These Femme Fatale Dunnys start seducing collectors in late January at select retailers, Kidrobot stores and on

Kidrobot Dunny Fatale Series Vinyl Figures by Catalina Estrada, Tara McPherson & Toofly
Artists in the Dunny Fatale Series include Alex Anderson, Catalina Estrada, Klor, CW, Aiko, Kathie Olivas, Wendi Koontz, Koralie, The Baroness, Anna Chambers, Amanda Visell, Amy Ruppel, Julie West, Toofly, Junko Mizuno, Aya Kakeda, Tara McPherson and Sara Varon.

Kidrobot - Femme Fatale 3 Inch Dunny Series Checklist and Ratios
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