Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kidrobot Dunny Fatale Series Official Checklist and Ratios

We’re just two days away from the release of Kidrobot’s new Dunny Fatale 3” Blind Box Series and The Blot is getting pretty excited! To help fuel fans’ excitement, Kidrobot has finally released the official Dunny Fatale Series Checklist and Ratios. It looks like The Baroness’ Kiss of Death Dunny is in fact 1/200, which kind of sucks, but there are so many other amazing designs in the Dunny Fatale Series I’ll let The Baroness’ unfortunate ratio slide.

Kidrobot - Dunny Fatale Series Official Checklist and Ratios
(click on the photo above for a more detailed look)

The Dunny Fatale Series features designs from 18 prominent and talented female artists including Alex Anderson, Catalina Estrada, KLOR, CW, Aiko, Kathie Olivas, Wendi Koontz, Koralie, Baroness, Anna Chambers, Amanda Visell, Amy Ruppel, Julie West, Toofly, Junko Mizuno, Aya Kakeda, Tara McPherson, and Sara Varon.

Dunny Fatale Blind Boxes go on sale this Thursday, January 28th and will retail for $7.96 per box.
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