Friday, January 29, 2010

TRU Exclusive Iron Man 2 Mighty Muggs

Thanks to Mighty Muggs Forum member rastaman619, we now have confirmation that Hasbro has in fact released those awesome looking Iron Man Might Muggs from SDCC ’09 as a tie-in to the upcoming live action feature film Iron Man 2! (link and link). Sadly, the Iron Man 2 Mighty Muggs Wave only includes two figures, War Machine and Iron Man Mark VI with metallic paint, but they both look pretty sick!

Toys R Us Exclusive Iron Man 2 Mighty Muggs Wave - War Machine & Iron Man Mark VI with Metallic Paint Mighty Muggs
The Iron Man Mark VI Mighty Mugg is basically an updated version of the 2008 SDCC exclusive Iron Man Mighty Mugg, but unlike the Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg and the 2009 SDCC exclusive Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg, there are a ton of differences between these two figures. Plus, the SDCC exclusive Iron Man is on the pricey side, so this is a nice alternative for collectors who missed out on the first Mighty Mugg Iron Man movie tie-in. As for the War Machine Mighty Mugg, he looks awesome! The Blot loves his shoulder cannons, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

The Iron Man 2 Mighty Muggs Wave is a Toys R Us exclusive and is already hitting store shelves on the west coast. The Blot might have to stop by my local TRU here in Houston this weekend to see if they’ve made their way to Texas yet. I believe the War Machine Mighty Mugg is rarer than the Iron Man Mark VI figure, but both will retail for around $11.99 each.
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