Thursday, June 3, 2010

DC Universe Classics Starman Jack Knight Action Figure

It’s pretty rare for The Blot to get really excited over an action figure, but it happened last week when Mattel announced the characters included in DC Universe Classics Wave 15. Not only does Wave 15 include the Martian Manhunter, Jemm, OMAC and the Golden Pharaoh (from DC's Super Powers), but it also includes one of my all time favorite super heroes, Starman Jack Knight!

DC Universe Classics Series 15 - Classic Starman Ted Knight and Modern Starman Jack Knight Action Figures
James Robinson and Tony Harris’ DC comic book Starman ran for 81 issues in the 90’s and quickly became one of my all time favorite books. To me, it personifies what a great comic book should be, and I can’t recommend it enough to both comic book fans and those who’ve never read an issue. You can pre-order the Jack Knight action figure as a two figure Starman set from Entertainment Earth (Jack comes with his father, the Classic Starman Ted Knight) here for $33.99. The figures are scheduled to ship in August 2010.

DC Universe Classics Series 15 Action Figures - Martian Manhunter, Jemm, Sinestro Corps Batman, Golden Pharaoh, OMAC, Classic Starman Ted Knight, Moder Starman Jack Knight, Raven and Build-A-Figure Validus
The Classic Starman Ted Knight action figure, the traditional version of Starman, comes equipped with his Cosmic Rod and a Stellar Energy Pistol. The Modern Starman Jack Knight action figure, comes with his trusty Cosmic Rod and features contemporary translucent parts.

Collectors can expect DCUC Wave 15 action figures to begin showing up at retailers this summer. These figures will first appear at Kmart in late August/early September, then retailers everywhere in the fall.
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