Monday, April 18, 2011

DC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz Series 2 2-Packs

DC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz Series 2 by Mezco Toyz - The Flash & Captain Cold Vinyl Figures

Solicitations for Mezco ToyzDC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz Series 2 hit the internet this past weekend, and the line-up was surprisingly different from the one we saw at Toy Fair 2011. Instead of the Batman Beyond villain Blight, Terry McGinnis will be packaged with Cyborg. While the pairing itself doesn’t make sense (Beast Boy anyone?), I am really glad to see Cyborg included in the toy line. Plus, I think this gives the Batman Beyond 2-pack a little more appeal to the casual collector.

DC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz Series 2 by Mezco Toyz - Batman Beyond, Cyborg, Doctor Fate & The Demon Vinyl Figures

DC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz Series 2 is made up of three 2-packs, The Flash and Captain Cold, Batman Beyond and Cyborg, and Doctor Fate and The Demon. It’s refreshing to get an early wave of figures made up almost entirely of B and C-list characters, The Blot just hopes they sell!!!

Mezco’s DC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz vinyl figures stand 2 inches tall, feature five points of articulation and will be packaged in 2-packs together on a blister card. While DC Universe Mini-Mez-Itz Series 2 is not scheduled to ship until October 2011, you can pre-order each 2-pack for $10.99 here or all three 2-packs of Wave 2 for $29.99 from Entertainment Earth here.
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