Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kidrobot Dunny Series 2011 Official Checklist with Ratios

Kidrobot Dunny Series 2011 Official Checklist with Ratios
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All across the globe designer toy collectors will be gathering in stores tonight for the official release of Kidrobot’s Dunny Series 2011! Fans are already proclaiming Dunny Series 2011 Kidrobot’s best series in years, and The Blot tends to agree with them. I love the mixture of established artists and up and coming talent in this series, and the ratios aren’t too terrible (although good luck getting your hands on Huck Gee’s Zombie Hunter with a ratio of 1/200). Kidrobot is also trying something new with DS2011, instead of a Golden Ticket there’s a CnC (Collect and Connect) Dunny. This means there’s one piece of a Dunny included in each blind box. From what I’ve heard it’s a Skeleton Dunny designed by Kronk, and it’s not complete until you’ve found the figure’s heart.

The Blot’s heading to Domy Books here in Houston tonight for its Dunny Series 2011 Release Party, and I hope to see you there! If you’re not in southeast Texas, click here to see if there’s a Release Party near you. And don’t forget to print out Kidrobot’s official Dunny Series 2011 Checklist, which lists each Dunny design’s artist and ratio. Happy hunting everyone!

[photo via HelloVinyl]
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