Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boba Fett Custom 3” Dunny by Quin.Sey

Boba Fett Custom 3” Dunny by QuinSey

Italian artists Quin.Sey is back! You probably remember his awesome Batman Custom Dunny Series from a few months back, and he’s bringing the heat again with this spot on custom Boba Fett 3” Dunny. The Blot’s a sucker for all things Boba Fett (since he’s my favorite Star Wars character), and I’m really digging the worn out look Quin.Sey gave the custom.

Quin.Sey's 3" custom Boba Fett Dunny was handpainted with uniposca and a brush, with part of the helmet made from resin.  You can see more pics of this great custom via Quin.Sey's Flickr page. Can’t wait to see what Quin.Sey comes up with next!
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