Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Green Lantern Got Milk? Ad

Green Lantern Got Milk Ad featuring Ryan Reynolds
Click the image above for a more detailed look
The Blot is waaaaay behind on posting this Green Lantern Got Milk? ad featuring Ryan Reynolds, but it’s still technically the 2011 summer movie season so I think it’s ok. I love these super hero movie Got Milk? ads, and am glad the Milk Mustache Campaign keeps releasing them. I actually had a Phantom Got Milk? ad hanging in my room when that horrible live action The Phantom movie came out in 1996! Since then there have been a ton of Got Milk? super hero movie ads, including a Wolverine ad in 2008 for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a Batman ad in 2009 for The Dark Knight. Now that I'm thinking about it, did I miss 2010’s Got Milk? ad? I’m assuming there’s an Iron Man 2 Got Milk? ad out there somewhere, but I must have missed it.

Green Lantern is in theaters now at select theaters worldwide.
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