Monday, August 8, 2011

René London 8” Dunny by Triclops Studio

Kidrobot - René London 8” Dunny by Triclops Studio

This is not a Dunny, or is it? UK art studio Triclops paints Kidrobot’s Dunny platform with their version of the surrealist brush! Inspired by witty and thought-provoking Belgian artist René Magritte, Triclops plays with reality and illusion by interpreting Magritte’s own self portrait. Its transparent blue vinyl head bears a wandering set of clouds on the back and painted green apple obscuring the face. On the back of the Londoner’s dark suit it is written “Ceci n’est pas une Dunny,” challenging observers’ perceptions of reality… much like Magritte’s Treachery of Images painting where he states in French, “This is not a pipe.”

Kidrobot - René London 8” Dunny by Triclops Studio

Again we get a design which made its original debut on a Kidrobot t-shirt. Is this their way of circumventing leaks? While I like the idea behind this 8 inch Dunny, these photos really don’t have The Blot excited for its release. It just seems kind of flat to me. And without knowledge of the artist and painting it pays homage to, it might come off as dull to many casual observers. Then again, who isn’t familiar with at least one of Magritte’s surrealistic paintings?

This illusory vinyl figure comes accessorized with a black bowler, umbrella, and a pipe to complete his distinguished air. The René London 8” Dunny by Triclops Stuido arrives in Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers on August 18th for $75 each and has a limited edition run size of 1,000 pieces.
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