Friday, September 2, 2011

Space Junk Destroyer Resin Figure by NeMo & OsirisOrion

One of a Kind Hand Painted Custom Space Junk Destroyer Resin Figures by NeMo & OsirisOrion

Bad Applez Inc, the new art toy company by NeMo and OsiRisORion, is about to release upon the world its very first designer resin figure! The Space Junk Destroyer will be making its debut at Rotofugi’s Toy Karma III one week from Saturday (on September 10, 2011). Two one of a kind Space Junk Destroyers will be available, with each figure hand painted by the company’s two founders: NeMo and OsiRisORion. Don’t these look crazy!?! Not only is the figure’s sculpt and design off the wall, but each artist did an incredible job applying their unique styles to this devilish monster.

Each hand painted 1 off Space Junk Destroyer resin figure will retail for $160 and can be purchased by contacting Rotofugi or by attending Toy Karma III’s opening on 9.10.11.
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