Thursday, January 19, 2012

TRON & TRON: Legacy Screen Print Set by Martin Ansin

TRON Screen Print Set by Martin Ansin - TRON

Mondo and Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up once again with Disney to release a new TRON two print set by Martin Ansin. Both movies are glow in the dark and will be sold only as a set. I love how these two TRON prints look in conjunction with the other, but I question why they’re being released now. I can understand its release two summers ago, but now? It’s not like TRON: Legacy did that well. But regardless, Ansin knocked this one out of the park!

TRON Screen Print Set by Martin Ansin - TRON: Legacy

"TRON" and “TRON: Legacy” by Martin Ansin are 24”x36” hand numbered screen prints with limited edition run sizes of 390. Each 2 poster set will retail for $90, and will go on sale at the Mondo online store today, Thursday, November 19th, at a random time.
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